As a Canadian, you understand winter's unique challenges to your floors. The cold temperatures, snow, and salt can wreak havoc on different types of flooring. Choosing the right floor care chemicals is essential to combat these issues effectively - but do you need specific floor care chemicals in the winter? The short answer is yes, but what should you look for and how best to use them? This guide will walk you through the recommended winter floor care chemicals, including environmentally responsible options for facility managers and households.

Understanding Winter Challenges for Floors:

The harsh Canadian winter poses specific challenges for your floors. The cold temperatures can lead to issues like warping and cracking for hardwood floors, while moisture and freezing temperatures can affect the grout of tile floors. Carpets are prone to snow and moisture absorption - leading to mould and mildew!

Slip and fall accidents are preventable and need to be top of mind. The most significant causal factor is the elements being tracked in. To reduce the hazards and keep your floors looking their best, our ANC Maintenance Experts recommend using:

  • Specially formulated ice melters that reduce tracking in
  • Effective and adequate matting coverage
  • Traction enhancement restorers
  • Neutral floor cleaner remove film from salt and ice melters
  • Quality equipment with regular maintenance, preventing any unnecessary downtime


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