The pandemic has taken over the globe, raising awareness of the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. While the outbreak has caused people to be fearful, it has also provided us with the opportunity to learn how keeping a clean house can help to prevent the spread of diseases. Most of us despise the idea of cleaning our homes. However, it is critical to keep our living spaces clean and sanitary, especially given the growing concerns about safety and cleanliness during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because coronavirus is not a common virus, you must take advanced precautions to keep your family safe inside your home.

Living in a confined space with family members for an extended period can increase the risk of infection. According to researchers, because viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces in your home for a few days, regular cleaning is no longer just a chore to keep the space livable but is critical for your family’s health and well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of abating, and we must find ways to protect ourselves and stay safe. It is prudent to respect these infections and take all necessary precautions to avoid becoming the virus’s next victim. The first step in protecting your family is to stay at home and practice good hygiene in your surroundings.

Here are seven tips for keeping your home virus-free :

1. Disinfect the common surfaces: Common surfaces are high-touched surfaces that harbor the majority of germs and viruses. As a result, it is critical to clean and sanitize common surfaces to prevent transmission. To remove germs from high-touch surfaces, use vinegar, bleach, or a commercial disinfectant.

2. Cleaning process: Regardless of whether you try to clean your entire house all at once, clean regularly. Cleaning your home every day is an easy way to keep it germ-free. Rather than reacting to mold, dust, and other germs, you can prevent bacteria from forming in the first place.

3. Wash Your Bedding: Wash all of your bedsheets, towels, and other bedding items in hot water regularly. Dust mites breed specifically in these items, and you are likely to come into contact with harmful particles regularly.

4. Clean Curtains and Ceiling Fans: Although many people overlook it, it is critical to vacuum, wash, and dust your drapes and curtains, as well as your ceiling fans. Both areas can accumulate a lot of dust and germs that are difficult to see. As a result, make sure to keep them clean and virus free

5. Protect yourself from service personnel: Plumbers, electricians, etc any service personnel who enter your home may bring germs from previous customers with them. While most reputable service companies have protocols in place to ensure your safety as well as the safety of their employees, you must remain vigilant. Also, make sure to wipe down any surfaces they may have touched while working.

6. Clean your personal belongings: Germs and viruses love to hide in your cell phone, lipstick, credit cards, and anything else you handle several times a day. Wipe them down daily or after anyone else has touched them. Your cell phone is most likely one of the worst sources of germs, so it must be disinfected daily.

7. Wash your hands and also always remove shoes at the door: Make it a house rule that everyone washes their hands immediately upon entering your home, no matter how long you have been gone or how careful they have been. To avoid using dirty hand towels, keep a roll of paper towels near the sink. At the door, remove your shoes. Consider all of the dirt and germs that accumulate on your shoes, and you will never want to wear them around your house again.

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