Automated floor scrubbers have become increasingly popular in commercial and industrial settings due to their efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining clean and polished floors. When considering acquiring such equipment, you may face the decision of purchasing or leasing. We'll cover some of the critical factors to consider to ensure the biggest return on investment.

Purchasing Vs. Leasing Floor Scrubbers


1) Long-term cost savings: When you purchase an automated floor scrubber, you can benefit from long-term cost savings since you own the equipment outright. Over time, the cost of leasing can exceed the purchase price.

2) Full control and flexibility: With ownership, you have complete control over the equipment, allowing you to customize maintenance schedules and adapt the machine to your specific needs.

3) Availability: When you own a floor scrubber, you have unrestricted access to the equipment whenever you need it, without relying on availability from leasing companies.

4) Long-term investment: If your business anticipates a high and consistent demand for floor cleaning, purchasing offers you a long-term investment that can yield returns over its lifespan.


1) Lower upfront costs: If you want to minimize upfront costs, leasing offers a smaller initial investment than purchasing, making it an attractive option, especially if you have limited capital or prefer to allocate resources elsewhere.

2) Upgraded technology: When you lease, you gain access to the latest floor scrubber models without committing to a single machine for an extended period. This flexibility enables you to take advantage of technological advancements as they become available.

3) Maintenance and repairs: Leasing agreements often include maintenance and repair services provided by the leasing company. This means you won't have to handle these tasks, reducing downtime and costs associated with equipment maintenance.

4) Limited commitment: Leasing allows you to adapt to changing needs and preferences. If a different type or size of floor scrubber becomes necessary, you can easily modify or terminate the leasing agreement.

Making The Decision

Ultimately, the decision between purchasing and leasing an automated floor scrubber depends on the specific requirements, budget, and long-term plans of the business. Purchasing provides long-term cost savings and complete control, while leasing offers flexibility, lower upfront costs, and access to upgraded technology. By carefully weighing these pros and cons, businesses can make an informed decision that aligns with their goals and resources.


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