The rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout the world has brought hygiene practices to the forefront. On a personal level, we’re all being much more conscientious about washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. Floor cleaning was critical for infection control even before the coronavirus outbreak.

Keeping floors clean is critical to maintaining a clean, tidy, and odor-free office. The floor is one of the dirtiest areas of an office because of the constant foot traffic.

Here are some effective floor scrubbing tips everyone should know :

  1. Laminate floors should be dry mopped: Laminate floors must be cleaned and treated differently than other types of floors. Using a dry mop and vacuuming regularly, you can easily clean your laminate floors. To remove stains or dirt marks, use a damp cloth and gently buff the grime away.
  2. Deodorize mats with a natural vinegar solution: Using a natural vinegar solution to remove odors from mats is an excellent method. Fill an empty spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and spray it on stains or smelly surfaces. Spray the solution evenly over the stain and allow it to dry. Baking powder can also be used to deodorize the carpet.
  3. Using a microfiber mop: Microfiber mops are the newest tool in the thrilling world of floor scrubbing. They can clean on almost any surface and with any cleaning solution. When you’re finished with the floor, you can skip the dreaded mop-rinsing step entirely by simply tossing the mop head into the washer.
  4. Try using Oxygen Bleach: With little to no scrubbing, a little of this oxygen bleach powder dissolved in water and left to soak will remove even the toughest stains!
  5. Make Use of a Sponge: In small spaces, a sponge is easier to maneuver than a mop and bucket.

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